2 months ago

Doodle of Kayla 🫶💗

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Next up

star rail i love you

omg i was literally flabbergasted

Wow I can’t believe its been two years already :00

time passes by so fast omg

anyways have this cute doodle of sumikko for now :))

(im quite busy these days so i apologize for not posting as much TvT)

I hate you mihoyo 😭

Bitch I don’t even have xiao

My yae miko is literally sobbing rn 💀

da 17rings

New oc?? :00

(full body ref sheet version soon!!)

Think I forgot to post these. Whoops!

Anyway, MumBlargh specifically requested sticker designs for stationery, so I remade some of my fruit cats and added a couple new ones for this sticker sheet.

They're also in my Redbubble shop: https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/157579090?asc=u

I redrew Hatsune miku !!

(Second page was the old version i drew a few years ago)

(sorry for not updating as much TvT)

Drew mob for this school art gallery thingy😇💗

he’s an absolute angel fr

LittleBigFunkin Concept

I wanted xiao 💀

dude first you don’t give me yae miko’s weapon and now you don’t want to give me xiao?? The fuck??????🤡

mihoyo i hate you