Show us what you can do whit those hands of yours

Attack for @UniBrine ! >:D

The character on the left (Astro) belongs to me, and on the right (Cye) belongs to Uni ^^



Griefer fan phase inspired me to make the most edgy outfit I could think of.


Im back :3 Hewwo!

Something is off...

Still gets me disappointed whenever this happens ngl

another Wip before bed 💤💤💤


Hi there~ . Maowster here and im the owner of this silly community !!

Are you an Artist that use it's IMAGINARY ABILITY to draw something Cool ?

Well You've Come to the RIGHT PLACE !!!

because this community is about Cheering /Supporting

  • Stealings peoples artwork is not cool so don't even think to have the audacity to be famous by getting away whit it. ( WE GOT AN EYE ON YOU )

  • Uploading Inapproriate / NSFW Art Is against the law of this community , Nobody in this community want's to watch those.

  • Put a signiture logo or an watermark on your drawings ( it doesn't break the rules if you don't, but be aware of the others that may have the idea to steal and put their own watermarks on it, ( so if it happens good luck whit that )

  • Spaming is quite annoying, so if we see you doing it that mean there is a good reasons why you should be kicked out

  • Stay on topic

  • Do not Criticize Newbie Artwork it's not their fault if they make mistakes alots ( mistakes is a good way to be good at art )

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