Post any art piece

shading w/ airbrush is pretty fun

Tanya non funkin design ft pico school Tanya

Mainly made this so that I wasn’t forced to draw her fnf design all the time

Jayden (it's been a long time since you haven't seen him huh? He still has that long orange tongue)

Random doodles

It worked heehehehe

>0w0> WELCOME <0w0<

Just a chill art community for everyone, especially beginning artists, to show off their work.


Feel free to post any art, even if you don't think it's very good ^w^

(Also, music is an art so that is also welcome)

Shoutout to @GenericIs for being the best Moderator ever-

Single handedly carrying this community <3333333

《><><><><>[ Rules ]<><><><><》


1.) Please limit swearing.

2.) Be nice to people.

3.) Don't try to start arguments.

- Keep politics out, please.

4.) Don't steal art, and try to only post things you yourself have made.

5.) No AI art whatsoever.

Please abide by the rules, it helps make this community actually enjoyable.

- If you actually do art, you can ask @CalQell for Moderator if you want

- (This is still a work in progress)

_________[ FOR MODS ]_________

- You can feature any post you like

@CalQell is the final say for everything related to this community. If you don’t like that, don’t post here.

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