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Next up

The update with the resolution settings addition is now out! This is a smaller update. We deleted the earlier version, since the only difference is these settings! We hope all monitor types now can handle the game! The latest version is: 2.12.2

Feedback from playtesters was that they didnt understand you can stand upon the switch block. This was because the old block was more of a hypercube shape (hollow). To clarify this we updated the block with a new model. Resolution changes coming up!

We're limiting our social media, to focus on better content. We will therefore delete our X (ealier Twitter), Twitch & TikTok! We will still keep Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Discord.

Hi! As usual, if someone reports a game breaking bug, we're gonna try fixing it and upload a new build immediately! One thing that was requested, was resolution settings in the options menu. On some monitors, the game can be unplayable. This comes soon!

Playtest Event at Game Habitat DevHub 3rd November, Malmö!

The event was really fun! Alot of cool indie games and many playtesters with really important feedback to the game!

The resolution settings is something that we're gonna work and tweak more, since we didnt manage to integrate this with fullscreen mode correctly. Several smaller updates about this will come! We want to have both res and fullscreen working! :)

Butterfly sketches. The environment now has more environment storytelling / details.

Updated smaller Discord server comes later today!

Stay tuned! #OneMoreExperiment_Game

Soo more trippy plants are coming in the game!! Were currently testing the new resolution settings, and they will come in a small update soon! Take care! :D

We have decided to scope down the One More Experiment project. Its still a free time project!

The fullversion of will include:

* 10 Chapters

* More dialogue

* Outside environments

* More trippy art

* ~10 different soundtracks

Stay tuned for more!

Souls memes are the best xD