Flo's Diner (Closed)

1 year ago

Forgotten at Flo's <3



Next up

Thumbnail Updated! Banner coming soon!

Doing a Q&A in the comments! Ask away!

Flo's Diner is Meant to be a Very Visually Dark Game. It'll Feel Like Midnight No Matter When You Play!

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LEPORIPHOBIA'S first teaser


The Basement

The game page for Claustrophobic Nights has reached 1,500 followers! As a celebration, I will be posting some screenshots on over the next few days!

Also, if this post gets 50 charged stickers, I will upload a secret track for the game's OST.

Christmas at Fred E. Fazbear's - Morris, MN (Circa 2010)

"The Wooden Office"

#FlosDiner #FNaF

Public Alpha Testing for Claustrophobic Nights has started + Proximity Chat Added!

[Devlog Post]