(On Hold) Those Nights at Thomas's 2

1 year ago

full hallway i'd say

(yes i started work on withered james' AI even though withered percy's AI isn't even done)

(Models by: @BlueJam i just edited them)

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Next up

so since it's been a hot minute since i've done any fnas art here's tails

So I got mario standing on the rail of peach's castle while playing super mario 64

the new main 3 toys!

Steel Wool shares yet another Help Wanted 2 poster!


new thumbnail new banner and story in the description changed!

(models by: @BlueJam HunnyBunCreator & Jcmvs13 i just edited them)


this goes for both




Teaser 03.


so i got this easter egg while playing five nights at yoshi's