Project: PvZ
9 months ago

Game Update Ver. 1.4.4

Version Additions:

1. Plant Keybinds! Quickly select your plants just by pressing 1-8!

2. Shovel Keybind! Get ready to dig with Q

3. A new Plant! Homing Thistle! Homing Thistles fire seeking shots at targets that are closest to home.

4. World war Z...ombie?

5. New editor modifiers!

Version Fixes:

1. Spikeweed Damage Nerf (20 to 10)

2. Lightning Reed chain lightning fixes (again)

3. Drag and Drop plant issue on some levels

4. Space bar now properly acts as a hotkey for speeding up time

5. Bomb bud functionality fixed

6. UI fixes

7. Trophy graphics in game

8. Gem chime

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