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Gamejolts newest Creator is here! Thank you so much for the opportunity @gamejolt Also thank you to all the supporters! :D #gamejoltcreator #support #streamer



Next up

So this was unexpected. Also old clip! But gold clip! :D #minecraftmeme #junpscare

What did I just do ? 😳

Happy 12th Anniversary, Minecraft!

The game's first full release was Nov. 18, 2011.

We're celebrating this landmark anniversary by giving out copies of Minecraft: The Official Pop-Up from our friends at @InsightEditions !

Read the article for more info!

Now this was an interesting video 🤣 #minecraftmeme #memes #hmmm

Time to livestream from new Realms! You can now go live from any Realm on Game Jolt. You can also tag a Realm when going live from your homepage. Visit a Realm to see who's streaming!

So this happened on stream #hmmm #cute #stream #clips

Random clip don't ask 😂 #random #hmmmm #memes

Did you know cupcakes can be square? I made lots of minecraft toppers that, while simple, I think came out good!

I should probably be more careful.....