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Waking up to sounds of rain on a Christmas Eve..

Haven't been active recently, so here's my manga collection.

End of the Year throwback, time to reminisce memories of the good ol' days.

I'm a Gamejolt Creator!

Found this in my world, gonna build myself a super exp farm while I jam to otherside.

The game page for my newest project, DEERWOOD, is now up! https://gamejolt.com/games/DEERWOOD/776352

Alright, sorry for the weird angle, here's what I gave my cousin for Christmas.

Hannah's OC (redrawn by me)

I was gonna give to this to my friend if he came over, but he didn't, so I don't know lol

Character: Mai Sakurajima

Anime: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

I'm REALLY tempted to show off more of this, but I'm saving it for my next YouTube video. Can't wait to share everything I've been working on with you guys!

I can feel everyone's disappointment creeping up behind me.