9 months ago

Hello again everyone,

We'll be bringing you news about Willy's soon. Now, since the game has gone through many changes, we'd like to show you a bit of how the game is going at the moment.

About the rooms: We've tried to make it similar to the movie, but also in our own style, the same for the animatronics.


Now about the Willy's new design: Just like the others, Willy got a new design, thanks to criticisms that you guys made! Also, We're still sticking with the new style and this is the result:


Comparison of the old office with the new one:




Next up

Here is an improvement of the updated models.

Evolution of Arty, Sara and Ozzie!

Soon there will be more!

Pause for a snack

The Fazbear Facility: Prologue - Official Trailer

The future of Willy's Horrorland

Hello again.

I just realized it's FNaC's 9th anniversary, have some screenshots for 2 Sugar Rush!

Update on Swashbucklers (2)