Willy's Horrorland

1 year ago

Hello again.

We haven't been much active in Willy's Horrorland for the past 3 months, we apologize everyone for the inactivity and not notifying you about the situation the game was in during that time. We started redoing the game this June, with new mechanics, updated graphics and more! There is a lot fresh coming this week, so keep an eye on! We would also like to welcome you to our discord, where we post exclusive content from Willy's Horrorland.



Next up

Update on Swashbucklers (2)

Here is an improvement of the updated models.

Hello again everyone,

We'll be bringing you news about Willy's soon. Now, since the game has gone through many changes, we'd like to show you a bit of how the game is going at the moment.

Pause for a snack

Some rooms from Willy's Horrorland.

The Fazbear Facility: Prologue - Official Trailer

We are already aware of the criticism that many of you gave in Willy's last devlog and we thank you for it. We will be using your criticism to rework the current models.

I just realized it's FNaC's 9th anniversary, have some screenshots for 2 Sugar Rush!

The future of Willy's Horrorland