Willy's Horrorland

1 year ago

Here is an improvement of the updated models.

We know many didn't want a change in the models, but we felt it was necessary as the game is in total change along with new rooms and other things. The old models wouldn't match the new ideas at all, so this led us to the deduction of redoing the animatronic models.

The changes were based on the criticism in the last devlog, and I hope you all accept our redone work, it take time and effort, making such a change is not that easy, we are not taking step backwards, the new models will continue in the game.

For you who prefer the old ones, don't be disappointed, we will release a build of the game with the outdated models for those who prefer them.

We just want to mention that saying the kind of stuff some of you did in the post showcasing the new models is far away from being healthy for us, we are humans behind a screen after all, the hate comments will be deleted next time something like this happens.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who gave us constructive criticism, we are free to accept any kind of criticism that can really help our games!


Arty Evolution.


Siren Sara Evolution.


Ozzie Evolution.




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The future of Willy's Horrorland

Evolution of Arty, Sara and Ozzie!

Soon there will be more!

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Hello again.

Box 2 is now occupied by Freddy Fazbear!

Big thanks to @ShadowDrifter for the fantastic suggestion and congratulations on having the top comment! Great job!

Now, onto box 3, which video game character should I draw next?

The top comment wins!

Hello again everyone,

We'll be bringing you news about Willy's soon. Now, since the game has gone through many changes, we'd like to show you a bit of how the game is going at the moment.