2 years ago

Hey guys.
Creator of the Five Nights at Sonic's Collection Remastered community here.

I just wanted to say a few things.

So first off, I want to say thank you so much for over 40+ members for this community. We couldn't have made it this far without your support for this community and the game.

Now to some game news.
So telling by the development of Act 1, the developer @Fnaffan347 was able to get a standard version of Clickteam.
So development will start soon(Or maybe it's started again).

And we have most of the office, a little of cameras and a tiny bit of A.I. done for Act 1.

So, the overall progress for Act 1 completed is about
65.8% done.

Act 1 will probably make it's release either
Late July between Early August.

That's everything for now.
See you guys later!



Next up

decided to make my roleplay avatar as sans. i also colored the sprite as well, so enjoy :)

I finally returned to sprites!! And I started off my return with my RP OC! (of course, this OC is sans.)

My RP OC but if it was corrupted in Learning With Pibby! (FNF STYLE)


Phase 2!


I beat the game 2-3 years ago, just got back to it a week ago. I finally got to the custom night after going through the hell known as two characters: DANIEL AND SCRAPPY. Any Custom Night suggestions?

Phase 3.

Collection remastered may be dead... but something better is coming...

(teaser for a fnas related game that me @nightmarealex303 & @Dark-revenge are working on)

sooo, Poppy Playtime's 2nd Teaser for the 3rd Chapter just came out. Who does this look like? Looks like Candy Cat in my opinion.