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TRASH NINTENDO 1# - Super Mario Bros

My first cover for my Trash Nintendo series, hope you like it!

Well, 2022 was a good year!

Yeah guys, I'm running for this one. If you don't vote for me, I swear I'm gonna eat your liver with chips. You've been warned!

Happy National Creativity Day!

No matter where you are in the world, this is a great day to be creative and to celebrate your favorite creators.

Who's a Game Jolt Creator you're a big fan of? Tell us in the comments!

The Trash Year of 2022! Happy new year!

My entry for #PrideJolt , some old art of Noelle from Deltarune, she is a Lesbian.

My most cursed commission so far

2# "Assassins Creed - Assault on His Majesty Ships" "Move ye lazy arse and git me my grug, or I swear me mom's grave I will nail ye guts to the pole and make ye dance!! Dead man tell no tales, sailor."

Goth Koi Mermaidđź–¤

I'll be back... SOON.