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"I only eat protein"

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Next up

Happy new year! Update 1 with tweaks and feedback from you players are in progress! Some mesh optimizations has been happening as well! Dont miss the newly released SILVER DEMO! #OneMoreExperiment_Game

What happens now after demo release?


6 Days until new demo!!! What are you looking forward to? What are your expectations?

#onemoreexperiment_game #puzzleplatformer

Robin has a personal account with old games he made as a teen! He also does small mini projects now and then! Check out his new prototype: "Escape town, fighting lawyers, ghosts, dinosaurs, robot rabbits and zombies!" https://gamejolt.com/games/destroythelawyer/780992

TOMORROW, THE 10th DECEMBER the Silver Demo of #OneMoreExperiment_Game will be released! The new demo includes: * 5 levels (3 NEW) * More dialogue * 2 new/ more voice actors * 2 new elements * New mechanics * More mindbending puzzles! Absorb Elements!

Happy New Year 2023! What are your plans for next year?

5 days left until SILVER DEMO releases (10th December). Cmon guys lets get the experiments started!!


Did you try the new demo yet? What did you think? We hope you had fun :)


Andrea is back with One More Experiment! SILVER DEMO just dropped




We wish you a #merryxmas22 #2022 !!

Get back to the labs. Get back to doing experiments. Dont forget the newly released silver demo!

See more updates of the game under #onemoreexperiment_game