2 months ago

i painted my cat raichu! ♥ i still need to touch up some parts, but look at him!



Next up

lil poster design for pokemon! i love how the colors turned out 🌟

this was a fun practice piece tbh, i was sick for like a whole week so it was nice to just doodle and not worry about the minor details, yk?

pika pika!

i did this in aesprite btw

leon, my beloved. i have been playing the remake a lot lately and omg


(i will get back to the pokemon related sketches soon. i can't stop thinking about leon, so i had to draw him lol. i will probably draw him more 😭♥ )



question: let's say that pokemon are real, and you have the chance to have a team of your own. what pokemon are you choosing to be on your team?

quick sketch of mario to celebrate #MarioDay 🌟



question: what is your favorite pokemon game? or what pokemon game did you not like and why?

🌹 It's Over, Isn't It? 🌹

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question: which starter pokemon would you pick and why; charmander, squirtle, or bulbasaur?