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This is the 4th rainbow knight I think you could guess he’s the green knight his name is Merlin he is a wizard who controls the primordial emery’s through his staff

@Nedstar12456 ’s story book characters

I have no I for description.. again

(I'm planning on making more drawings in this style, should I do it?)

Full body ref to the adoptable chara on the previous post!

He knows who you are, player. Be cautious, they remember your first meeting.

*this is an oc in the CYOA story - no worries, you'll run into them soon ;)


I'm behind on my daily doodles but here's a shucker...

Welcome to the The animators and the artists community on Game Jolt!

This is a place that I just for the animators and the artists of gamejolt we allow anything that isn’t 18+ I want to make this so small artist can show what they can do a recieve the feed back that could help them become greater in this shortening talent.

And I also just kinda thought this would be fun

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