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Note: This is a Fanart Clip Of Me And My Friends Playing Super Mario 3D World

Mario: @Quagydan

Luigi: A Friend

Toad: @Elkasaca

Peach: A Friend

final escape pixel art :]


I sat cross legged animating this and now I can’t feel my legs

(May animate entire song,, idk

A more experimental pixel art piece featuring a dragon protecting an apple! He might have had a lil nibble!


timelapse of jess painting

Welcome to the The animators and the artists community on Game Jolt!

This is a place that I just for the animators and the artists of gamejolt we allow anything that isn’t 18+ I want to make this so small artist can show what they can do a receive the feed back that could help them become greater in this shortening talent.

Please leave a disclaimer if art is AI generated.

And I also just kinda thought this would be fun

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