3 years ago

I started working on Desert Bomb :D

(this is my new game)



Next up

Guys, I wanted to tell you that the Demo version of Cheese Clicker will come out on August 1st !

(ok ?)

I'm creating a new game :D

(development 1)

Hello, an Pre Demo version of Cheese Clicker has just come out, updates will appear very often. Have a nice game!

(it's a very early version, it will be much better :-) )


(In case of problems, please write :D )

🥳 Happy #WIPWednesday! 🥳

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The Jackob Studio logo will now look like this.

Happy National Creativity Day!

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Adds a photo because the text has exceeded the maximum number of characters lol

Cheese Cklicker icon. (Could change)

Handle with Care! Made for LD53 >:)

play here -> https://gamejolt.com/games/handle-with-care/805451

a new super game is being developed :)

Desert Bomb