3 years ago

Hi, I've been creating a game called Cheese Clicker for a month. I'm close to releasing the demo version, I just need to make some improvements.
The Cheese Clicker icon will look like the picture above :-)



Next up

Guys, I wanted to tell you that the Demo version of Cheese Clicker will come out on August 1st !

(ok ?)

The pre demo version will not have a save system...

save system will probably appear in Alpha or Beta version.

I started working on Desert Bomb :D

(this is my new game)

We hosted a party during the Game Developers Conference this year and invited devs to bring their games and friends! 3,000 people showed up to the Indie Carnival by Game Jolt + Yahaha party! Woohooo

I'm creating a new game :D

(development 1)

Set up Game Jolt’s Indie Carnival party with us in San Francisco!

The Jackob Studio logo will now look like this.

Hello, an Pre Demo version of Cheese Clicker has just come out, updates will appear very often. Have a nice game!

(it's a very early version, it will be much better :-) )


(In case of problems, please write :D )

Purple Night 💜🌌

I'm a little sad, I'm working a lot on my first game, and in a few days it only has 4 downloads, please download it and give your opinion about it :(