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Screenshots from Silver Demo - UPDATE 1, coming May 28. #OneMoreExperiment_Game

SILVER DEMO (Update 1) - TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g26YdH-3Ky8 Update 1 will be released 28 May! #OneMoreExperiment_Game

Apart from DEMO updates, the next big release is....THE FULLVERSION!! We hope to have an early full game in the end of 2024 (Next year!) Silver Demo Update 1 - Will be added in the end of May! Stay tuned for more! #OneMoreExperiment_Game

 Updated Absorber Gun (PART 2) - Electric Beam More updates of the absorbed gun absorb feedback. Now you have liquid filling cables, camera shakes, as well as a electric beam shooting out to the element aimed at! Stay tuned! #OneMoreExperiment_Game

Happy Easter, dear community! Don't forget about the game conference 21 April, where I will demo #OneMoreExperiment_Game and you have a chance of playing it and meet up! Event link below: https://fb.me/e/414xpWbWR /Robin

Hello! Ive added some glow effect and also an element UI to clarify what element you currently have absorbed! This feedback came from amazing playtesters at the game conference! :) Ill upload a video of the game conference soon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvTJYGE6MvA&ab_channel=Ambercrow…

Got some feedback regarding the absorb feedback in the game, that the gun needs to be more juicy! So now Ive added some cables with liquid filling up as you absorb elements!

Enjoy and stay tuned!


Hi! Im looking for YouTubers that would like to do a recorded / streamed playthrough of our game, One More Experiment, a portal inspired puzzle-platformer about controlling the elements. Read more about the game here: https://gamejolt.com/games/onemoreexperiment_game/398898

/Robin :)

Get ready, this friday its time to demo the new version of One More Experiment! Come meet me, play the game, and see amazing speakers, at the game conference Creative Coast Festival 2023. This friday, 21st April! https://fb.me/e/414xpWbWR