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January summary of art :]



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Happy Splatfest, AND happy snacking! No matter what team you're on, have fun & enjoy!! Do your best, everyone! (Ft. 3 of my brother's ocs lolol)

You can now read Overstepped on Quotev! The previous parts are still available to read on Webtoon!

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Knew I was forgetting something lol, annual Lunar New Year redraw thing (2023, 2022, 2018)

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"Regardless, they took a seat nearby and thought more about that robot cashier, the coffee shop, this...world. Her plan... Could it really work?"

Chapter 1, part 5 is live on Quotev!


February summary of art :]

Chapter 1, part 6 of Overstepped is live on Quotev! Link in article!

No context will be given here as to why they're fighting though. You'll have to read Overstepped to figure it out!

He turned out so cute 🥺 I can't.

2022 Summary of Art!! Enjoy!