4 years ago

Like i said , this account is inactive but anyway i wanna post my new fangame in my another account. :




Next up

Something for @LisiastyJaQb

he will not see it but .... i love him !

if you see this... LisiastyJaQb you can ask me for that

its banner for his gamejolt profile!

its took me sometime but its worth it

what do you think???

"Thanks guys for endless hours of fun." 👍

(My first fan art. Read the article, please.)

#sonic #mario #photoshop

Successful landing


We made a lot of improvements on the Freezing Plains visual. Things like pine trees, tiny bushes, some rocks, and others game props!

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What do you think guys in my robot?Just a beginner in 3d modeling..

My instagram https://www.instagram.com/rojhonbb/

Updated the chest in the maze, adding sound, particles and better animation. But what's in the chest?

The whole squad is here!

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A Shiny Mega Gengar 🌟 For @ManutkArt 's #ThreeColorsChallenge!