2 months ago

Made sans and PAPYRUS

(and the tileset and shop but that ain't important)



Next up

Don't have much to show but I made sans... again ._.

Don't worry better shit coming soon... hopefully :D

@Firedupmoose 's Cat Video Extended Cut !!!

What a spooky thing in the background

Goat Dad :)

Made a little digital art sketch

(There is still much I need to learn when making digital art ._. )

uh guys, something is wrong with my copy of Undertale...

I wanted to try to get into other Game Communities artwise

So uh sans but in a different artstyle (Not my best work but still pretty proud of what I did)

You voted now I deliver

The sans and PAPYRUS!

happens to the best of us

God this is so cringe, but curiosity is getting the best of me...