showcase in Pixel Art

Post those pixels!

Earlier I was bored, and did not know what to draw, so I made myself an OC!

Now I just need names...

(yes I know the pose is weird I'm just not good at proportions, especially female proportions.)

any recommended tweaks are helpful!

Red Pixelated


Since we don't have a recap for May as we're saving the big news for Wholesome Direct, here's a look at assorted Townseek clips old and new! 🗺️

Remember to mark your calendars for Wholesome Direct on the 10th of June at 9AM PST, 12PM EST, and 4PM UTC! 💝

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My own version of the blue bomber!

I know it's just the original NES sprite recolored, but that's bc I decided to focus on the shading that's my specialty

A happy #MegaFriday for y'all!