Post those pixels!

I made a new hero for my game 💀🐰

A shark chilling in the air- I mean...ocean


No matter how gray your day might be, spending it with the right person can bring all the colors back to your world.

Here are some pixel art profile pictures i made for you @Papa_Raziel Hes having a tough time in his life right now so please support him as much as you can

Updated my profile pic! I felt like it should probably be my own art as much as I love the old one. I decided to keep it simple and draw myself in the style of my current #gamedev project :)



imagine confetti popping when someone clicks the "join community" button

#general - Talk about pixel art

#showcase - Share your pixel art

#ideas - share your ideas for pixel art

#videogamedesign - sprites from your game? share it here

#requests - request someone for make something for you

#challenges - ???

Our Dead Discord lol-

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