City crashers 2

1 year ago

Me when people don't play city crashers 2 and only now it exists

#indiegame #indie #savecitycrashers2

I feel so sad that I work so hard now city crashers 2 and now nobody care about it


Please tell more people about the game because help game get more people interested into the game because I don't want be a game that just exists



Next up

Well I finally released city crashers 2 on gamejolt and scratch

I edited my gameplay of Tekken 2 final boss.

Prayer by Petra

why bf ded

Guys! I can't wait tell when this becomes a thing

Oh pityโ€ฆ

Fishers of Men

This Means War! By Petra


Ok I look at the countrys where most downloads of city crashers 2 came from and for some reason people in China download this game