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City crashers 2 is so post to be the better version of the first

stuff i'm put in the city crashers 2

New playable characters

A new menu

And way more fun then the original game

The plot of the games is that it take place in a 20 year later of the alien apocalypse started where the main character name Mac,Carly, and Jay who are called the City crashers and they try to save the human rastes from the evil and dark aliens actually joke kidding they are not really they are really dumb with the leader commander floss where they want to prank the humans (yes this is want they really want to do).

Cartoon Violence
Mild Realistic Violence

Me when people don't play city crashers 2 and only now it exists

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Ok I look at the countrys where most downloads of city crashers 2 came from and for some reason people in China download this game


Ok here gameplay of city crashers 2

Ok I release a new update to city crashers 2 because was some bugs so I had to fix and yes the one on scratch was oh so had to be fix