1 year ago

My little brother and I got my older sister's switch to work on the TV!



Next up

Site: https://www.tetyys.com/SAPI4/ Just wanted to post it early lol but here you go! Sorry for my awkwardness lol but yeah, this is how it is done really, also sorry that the laptop is a bit quiet but I hope you guys can still hear it!

Me when my other "monitor"

(It's my TV)

Welcome Home Chiptune Cover It might not be accurate but I did my best lol, but yeah Credit: troy_en for the game OG Song: https://youtu.be/Nt1euiDOXE0

why bf ded

Nvm I just wanted to post it just cause Og creator: troy_en

Oh pity…

I did something dumb cause I had some coffee

I drew Kinito again lol but yeah, idk much to draw and I did have fun so yeah! :D


Tomorrow, hopefully.