1 year ago

One of my OCs Jorel
Let me explain~

This model was started in November 2020 made in a few days, and was nearly done but I stopped at the feet because I had some troubles. 
Recently I tried to finish it - finally made feet, endo, rigging. I also remade the head from scratch (cuz before it was looking fine from the front, but awful on the other angles)
I did not touch the rest of the parts so they stayed how they were. (bruh don't judge me for his hands they're old)

I should NOT make all the teeth sharp ._.

oh and also the tail is so broken I gave up with this, I hate it, I hate blender



Next up

A hand project for school I think it's neat :) https://www.deviantart.com/igrisa/art/The-Hand-966410628

YCH commission for Ellie Scalepuff ond Discord/Reddit

The Red Angel Page 4


@turntail secretly worked with E.Breddy to get this huge custom desk mat made for my birthday! It could easily be mistaken for an official product (though it will never be one...)

This brand new render is now the game's banner on Twitter and Game Jolt!

#FaveFNAFMerch I don't have a favourite fnaf merch but I chose the one I own and made a photo shoot of that bad boy

3,000 Followers Celebration Devlog!

example for an YCH featuring my OC

#MyAnimatronic didnt have time to draw any of my OCs soo... posting old art?

He's the best.