Rhyme and the Silver Hourglass
1 year ago

Patch v1.0.2

Fixed a bug in which doing the Ancient Catacombs dungeon in a certain order wouldn't allow you to progress.



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All About Warped Realities!

Contest Winners have been chosen! Thanks to those who participated! Winners, look forward to seeing these characters in the final game!

Character Spotlight: Ricky Echofried

Less than a month until Rhyme and the Silver Hourglass releases! If you missed it, this storybook adventure through time will be available on October 21st, 2022!

Happy Spooky Month from Rhyme!

20 Days til Release!

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This Satuday we invite to watch another #speedpainting of our artist Daniel Faiad.

How great is this scene of #Pecaminosa?

#ScreenShotSaturday | #IndieDev | #DigitalArt

Heya there! I really wanted to show you all a little gameplay preview of the first boss fight i'm currently working on i hope you like it ^^

Enemies can also suddenly spawn through Realm Rifts. These Rift Spawns are going to be stronger than the ones wandering around. TBD on the enemies... #screenshotsaturday #godstear #madewithunity

Heya! I wanted to show some gameplay progress i made so far. I hope you like it ^^