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Peach :0



Next up

I love what I did with this drawing, what other drawing should I do?


Submission for Art Weeklies 2/9/2024. Themes chosen: A great tree and fan art of Paper Mario.

Big fan of Paper Mario, so I couldn't miss this opportunity.

It was tricky combining Petal Meadows and Boggly Woods into a single scene.

: Clip Studio Paint

Is Amy I made it days ago but it bothered me to upload it

Mario looks like a super hero with this cape aha!

Sink Sonic Pixel Art Requested by: @MiguelGamer3300

Super Smash Flash 2 V1.3.2.0

New design of Zelda

Down With Peter Piranha - Super Mario Sunshine 🌞

Shadow Pixel Art Sonic Adventure 2

The Drawing says everything I did this week, play