Claustrophobic Nights
2 months ago

Public Alpha Testing for Claustrophobic Nights has started + Proximity Chat Added!

[Devlog Post]

Heyyo everyone! A few days ago, the game has entered Public Alpha! If you just want to test the game, click the red text below, but if you want to read up on what I've been working on for the last few months, read this devlog post.

How can I test the game?

Join the Discord server! Here, you will find the most recent build in the build-updates channel, tutorials in the how-to-play forums, testing discussion in the testing-chat channel, and more!


What's new?

Since my last YouTube devlog, I've gotten SO much stuff done. And currently, the only major thing left before the game is in Beta is to finish the animatronic's programming and fix a whole lot of smaller bugs!

Main Menu

The game's main menu has gotten a pretty big overhaul since my last video, introducing a news tab, patch notes, and some nicer UI!


A proper Pause Menu (Finally)

The game (after what seems like for ever) finally has a pause menu! This isn't really super exciting news for a lot of the people following the game, but it definitely is for the og testers who haven't had a pause menu until 8 months after development started lol


Proximity Chat

Voice chat in game finally works! If you want to check out some clips the community has gotten, or if you want to post your own clips, do so in the Discord server linked at the top of this post!

What needs to be done before the game is fully out?

Currently, this is the update roadmap I have for the game (this is very much so prone to change):

Alpha 9.2: Major bug fix update and some new features

Alpha 9.3: Tutorial and Game over screen

Alpha 10: Animatronics, Single Player/Nights

Beta 1.0: New Maps, Standalone Build, Credits, and more

Beta 1.1: Achievements and other small updates


The trailer will resume production after the game reaches update Beta 1.0 (aiming for late March)


That's all for now, if you want more info on what has been added to the game, I will be uploading a YouTube video tomorrow afternoon, subscribe here and turn on notifications if you want to be notified when it's out!

Take care!



Next up

been working hard recently

chat rate the wallpapers

The game page for Claustrophobic Nights has reached 1,500 followers! As a celebration, I will be posting some screenshots on over the next few days!

Also, if this post gets 50 charged stickers, I will upload a secret track for the game's OST.

Congratulations to @thecatamites , Tommy Tone, and @garmentdistrict for winning The Nuovo Award at GDC 2024 with Anthology of the Killer!

You can play 9 "of the Killer" games RIGHT NOW at https://gamejolt.com/@garmentdistrict/games

Heyyo everyone!

Recently, I've been working a ton on the game (especially on multiplayer code), and I've been making a TON of progress in the last week.

If you want to be able to test the game as I work on it, join the Discord! https://discord.gg/7kjhmAPRYg

progress is being made!

The game's OST is out NOW on YouTube!

And thanks to @3fs and @martinarthur for some of the tracks!


Hey everyone!

Sorry again for the lack of updates, I've been doing a ton of work for a lot of other people's games as of recently

I do plan on getting back to the game in April though, so stay tuned!

Also, here's a little sneak peek at smth :3

Say "Hi" to Funtime Foxy!!!

Mini-Devlog time! (update on when you can play in article)