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Bob: A Thousand Lives - new trailer after the major 3.0 update.

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I worked on a procedural tool for my arcade race template. Here an example of procedural wall. The wall is composed of a wall (It goes without saying :) ), fences and a collider with a custom shape.


Those who worship false prophets reap what they sow...

An immersive horror game about Frog-Worshipping Cultists

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OH YEAH I never posted my trailer for Unwound!

Basically it's an exploration RPG game where you can attach like 6+ arms and some legs and hats and googly eyes whatever you want to yourself.

Please wishlist and stuff…

The game has been added-changed:

● Now when you grab an object, they will have gravity.

● Added several sounds.

● Fixed bugs (approximately 13 pieces).

● Some items have been changed or animation has been added to them.

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