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I have been cooking for the past 2 days

expect some more shit in like a week lol


Since we don't have a recap for May as we're saving the big news for Wholesome Direct, here's a look at assorted Townseek clips old and new! πŸ—ΊοΈ

Remember to mark your calendars for Wholesome Direct on the 10th of June at 9AM PST, 12PM EST, and 4PM UTC! πŸ’

Check out the new Stealth System and New Cards To Try in Cards We're Dealt

Join the battle in this fantasy tower defense game!
Lead brave adventurers to protect the realm from hordes of enemies. Tactical strategy, challenging foes, and a captivating fantasy world await. Stay tuned for updates!


Starting to get somewhere. I started on the currency (And yes I spell it wrong in the project), and I completely forgot to figure the collision problem I had the other day. Changed to 16:9 aspect to make my life easier with the canvas as well.

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