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❤ January 2024 Progress Report ❤

(Read inside for an announcement regarding v2.8.0's release, a closer look at the community server system, and a reveal for a new playable character!)

We promised that Harlow would get a haircut if they made it through Round 2 of the OC Poll, so we (reluctantly) delivered...

Check out Harlow's new cut!

"The Chosen Vessel. Needs a haircut..."

Bandana Dee the Dream Friend


i may or may not make an full art of some person or i may just leave this like that-

We are under attack!

We made a lot of improvements on the Freezing Plains visual. Things like pine trees, tiny bushes, some rocks, and others game props!

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Microsoft Windows XP Unprofessional (windows logo prototype)

We're glad to announce that Baby Dino Adventures 🦖 is now available in Early Access here on GameJolt! Link: https://gamejolt.com/games/babydinoadventures/508121 Walk, run, and jump as a baby t-rex in this cute platformer Free demo available #IndieGame | #GameDev | #PixelArt

Why walk when you can jump?