Rhyme and the Silver Hourglass
1 year ago

Rhyme and the Silver Hourglass is OUT NOW!!

I hope you enjoy it!



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All About Warped Realities!

Want to put one of YOUR characters in Rhyme And The Silver Hourglass? Check out the Rhyme and the Silver Hourglass Design Contest!

Happy Spooky Month from Rhyme!

20 Days til Release!

Less than a month until Rhyme and the Silver Hourglass releases! If you missed it, this storybook adventure through time will be available on October 21st, 2022!

Contest Winners have been chosen! Thanks to those who participated! Winners, look forward to seeing these characters in the final game!

Character Spotlight: Ricky Echofried


i may or may not make an full art of some person or i may just leave this like that-

Here's a peaceful little forest scene for this #screenshotsaturday, from the beginning of the game.

Today I was setting up the location of the first boss. His name is "Father" and he is the first of the Patagonians. His task is to guard the road to the House.🛡🗡 Bookmark pre-launch page🔖🔖🔖…

Updated the chest in the maze, adding sound, particles and better animation. But what's in the chest?