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so good news i dont think im going to gdevelop since i think i just fixed the glitch with toy thomas' AI so im pretty sure im gonna stick with clickteam

(hopefully but will see)

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Next up

The Pain... Is Never Ending....

(oswald but emily version)

they do indeed have drip

so i decided to replay fnas 1 remastered (collection remastered) and good lord it did NOT age well


she just loves "hanging" around you

(impurity but molly version)

The game page for Claustrophobic Nights has reached 1,500 followers! As a celebration, I will be posting some screenshots on over the next few days!

Also, if this post gets 50 charged stickers, I will upload a secret track for the game's OST.

zack fast asleep

josh with luigi's hat on

(because i felt like doing this)

| Lolbox

He's just Lolbit living in a box. She loves her box.

so i found this edit i made a good while back of the fnas mario vector i use now-a-days but i had edited him to look like how mario does in fnas act 1