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Welcome to the non canon SHPP!

mario why do you have a bowtie your not bonnie


five nights at sonic's 2: RECODED night 1 beta

the game is going great

a playable night 1

of course theres quite a lot of bugs and knuckles voice acting sucks

but im sure @YusufRoblox12 will fix these

and before someone asks i did get permission to record


WOW! This is sooo atmospheric!

Actually this was easy to make this effect!

And yeah! The doors work too!

Make sure to follow the game if you don't want to miss out anything!

#FNAS #FNAF #FNAF_Fangame #FNAS_Fangame


(And happy anniversary five nights at sonic's 3)


The Duct!

Be aware of it!

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