Willy's Horrorland

1 year ago

The official Swashbucklers Games server is open on discord!

Join to interact with the team and all fans of our games, creating your theories or discussing interesting facts, enjoy the server!




Next up

We are already aware of the criticism that many of you gave in Willy's last devlog and we thank you for it. We will be using your criticism to rework the current models.

Screenshots of Willy's Horrorland

+ Game page is out!

Hello again.

3,000 Followers Celebration Devlog!

1,000 Followers in less than 1 month! Thank you all for your support!

FANGAME DIRECT 2 - Promotional Trailer

Update on Swashbucklers (2)

Here is an improvement of the updated models.

Am I irresponsible with my money...

Evolution of Arty, Sara and Ozzie!

Soon there will be more!