5 months ago

This is for @yorchi09

I came up with the idea of the Game Title and Menu for LEGO SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.



Next up

I think something really exciting is going to happen...

According to Twitter X, Vincent Waller confirmed that Derek Drymon is coming back to SpongeBob.

This is me, Showing off my Super Luxurious Omnidirectional Watchamajigger from The Cat in the Hat Movie.

This Movie is My favorite Dr. Seuss Film Franchise and as well as the Live - Action movie, The Grinch.

Not Only That, I also got my sweet Cat in the Hat Monopoly game, ALSO Based on the movie.

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This is an [Repost]

as directed by @monochromemann

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I may not have it on MOBILE, But i only had it on my Windows. #JoltShot

Happy New Year's Eve, Anyone !

I decided to give this New Year Special for the perfect start of 2024. So Sit Back & Relax as Peter Griffin enters Y-24!

#FamilyGuy #FullEpisodes #NewYearsResolution

...aaaand that's a wrap!!!

Great job everyone, we loved seeing your awesome submissions! The Winner will be announced on March 4th!

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Now I will be playing the USB Loader GX (Wii Backup Emulation). Now I can go way back to my days of playing my Wii since I had it since Christmas of 2014 ! (9 years ago).