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Good lord almost 500 Members! Thank you all for coming together to create brand new indie games for us all to discover and enjoy! I know I haven't been so active lately [hell even ever-] but, I still love to check in and see the community grow!

Hello, members of Indie Game Developers!

I am developing a special Discord server specialized for this community. Stay tuned for the server's release!

I've not posted in months...

Indie Game Developers Almost has 100 Members! Thank you Whoever Joined!

Please make sure to check out Beyond the Oaks Kickstarter campaign coming February of 2021

With a Graphic Novel, Lore Book, Soundtracks, including lot's of Kickstarter exclusive content…


Do you feel the Christmas already? Or you are still thinking about Halloween? Nevertheless the Thanksgiving is coming this week<3 Don't forget to add our game to Steam wishlist

Welcome to the Indie Game Developers community on Game Jolt! We make Indie games! You can share your indie games here and the progress!

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