3 years ago

Why walk when you can jump?



Next up

Plenty of ways to jump in Robotry! Some ways are probably less elegant than others though 🤖

Introducing: One-legged challenge mode ⚠️⚠️⚠️ This is the ultimate form of Robotry! 🤖

Available now on the Steam version (consoles following later):


We're working on a new Robotry multiplayer mode for 2-4 players: gem hunt!


● Featuring @Azzy_Mezzy as a character!!

● 1 New Background.

● You can now Hug the Characters!!

● New outfit/skin for Ostawolt

● New Player Screen.

● New Trophies.

And More.

Reminiscing about Puddle Knights game jam origins! It's already been so many years since the original prototype.

The game is on sale on Steam right now at -66% :) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1180540/Puddle_Knights/

Interior Design

You'll need a little bit of balance in one of the gem hunt levels. Gem Hunt PvP mode releasing early next year!

Happy holidays everyone 🥰

Little glimpse into the process of making the sounds of heebos 🔊

Engaging interactions with mini-puzzle gates in 'Lobo.' Get ready for some challenges!

More grabbable objects ➡️ more chaos. Some nice progress with the gem hunt mode!👑