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Grinding away on fur refinements... I dont like the style of hair cards (too curly) will explore other options but still working on building up the mesh coverage #BunnieBot #WIP #ArchieComics #Sonic #SatAM

GREAT SUCCESS!!! Ok confirmation that I can in fact make external fur cards in maya, add them back into CC4, and actually have them recognized as "beard" and auto skin itself back onto the hidden facial rigging!

Bunnie Rabbot Rebuild - Attaching Anthropomorphic Fur to Face Retaining Facial Rigging in CC4
Taking a huge breath even after discovering hair card placement would not take me 1000 years to complete because I found a procedural way to do it, I was sti...

I got your nose

[WIP] Procedural fur card placement solution finally found! Maya paint effects FTW! Great FPS I just need to two tone it and make sure the cards will stick to the facial auto rigging....

#Bunnie #Archie #SatAM #Unreal #Maya

pog tails