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all done

So it's done, WELCOME TO THE LGBTQ+ ReDesign
[ Channel Art in the Article ]

Lesbian ❤💛🤍💖💜


So by Misstake i made a Banner and some channel art for the wrong community :I

The LGBTQ+ Community WiP ReDesign 

[ Channel Art in the Article ]

Welcome to the LGBTQ+ Community on Game Jolt!

Here we support all parts of the LGBTQ+ community!

Established: 2-23-2020

100 member milestone: 4-27-2020
1000 member milestone: 1-6-2021

VERIFICATION!: 4-12-2021

10k member milestone: 6-21-2021
50k member milestone: 2-1-2022
100k member milestone: 7-27-2022

Report A community for about 4 years