gameplay in Sonic.exe

I kill you!

Finished adding the flowers for the stage. Now I must work on the cutscenes, then work on scrap brain (knuckles stage), and once that's done, I can add the finishing touches. And reveal the release date of the demo.

Sonic.exe: Darkness Versus Light [Alpha version]
Game by: @Jalikens

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Sonic.exe: Darkness Vs Light - Auxiliary Demon! [Alpha 2.5]
I found this game somewhat interesting, despite the problems. It's hard to see games lore focused these days, so I hope the devs finish the game and make it ...

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Enjoy the new video!

Sonic_1.SMD [Knuckles DEMO]
Game by: @terravery_

#sonicexe #exe #creepypasta

Sonic_1.SMD [Knuckles DEMO] - ⱼₒᵢₙ ₜₕₑ Fᵤₙ...
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sonic.exe nb title screen except widescreen


my first time playing sonic dark souls, well, i wasn't good on Exezar fights with knuckles and metal so i lost lel.

for darkest soul, i survived only with cream because of the chaos emerald.

hey atleast i survived on hide and seek's acts