fanart in Sonic.exe

I kill you!

Icons for a pasta night cover. (Yes Xanthus is here, Yes that's Xenophanes, yes that's Chara, shush, my head canon is one of the most chaotic, and most wild.

Yes this is Corrupted Underground.

Xanthus is confused because he has a purple card somehow.


HAPPY HEDGEHOG DAY! I am reposting this and it's because forgot to accept the quest on Gamejolt! I'm a really smart person, aren't I? Anyways, My first Sonic game ever was Sonic Dash 2 and later in 2019 I became a fully fledged Sonic fan. #HedgehogDay !

Gerardo el p#t# ese

Xenophanes, If you want to use them, ASK ME FIRST and credit me.