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"Dolls arent only for girls!" By SNMC

Alao this is only part one and im gonna make p2 sooner or later :3

Stayed up until 1-2 AM to make this drawing... not finnished yet tho!

I still gotta make his companion :)

Ewwww another doodle page ewwwwww-

Yay finnaly finnished this very non gay drawing :3

Another doodle page :,)

Welcome to the 🍪 Da Cookie Family 🍪 community on Game Jolt!

Hewoo and welcome to our family!! <3

@BroWhyAmIHere 's role-mom B)

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@iToxy 's role-sis

@SmashingNarratorMC 's role-bro

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@g_pepper‘s role-bro

@Kitsunechild 's role-sis

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@ijtheheghog 's role-mah bf

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