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I planning a short edit animation video to a song that I've recently listened called "I've got the power - Opaline song" from my little pony tell your tale, and its a banger.

I think its time for me to announce this.

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The MemeMan Community and the MemeFurry Community has finally been updated and i give @Victoree , @Victoree2 , @Starruis , @Draxis , @ChristoffOfficial , and @DarckyTheFrench full collaborator so they can change some things in the community ^w^

I'm almost finish the 3rd gmod animation demo. After that, I can finally rest.

I'm going to work on some animation demo before I start working on @EpicGamer_23444 gmod animation.

After that, I can continue my art and get back to working on my fnaf fangame.