"You were good son, real good, maybe even the best..." - Rick May (Soldier)


This is a Cuphead styled poster I've made, using traditional pencil, paper and ink (the same way Studio MDHR animates).

This is made to represent the bot crisis and the players' hatred towards it.

(Sorry, wrong channel before)

TF2 Memez





"Fixed a server crash caused by Sniper trying to eat his gun"

Welcome to Team Fortress 2! After 9 years in development, hopefully, it was worth the wait!

April 8th, 2020, the voice of Soldier, Rick May, passed away to the COVID-19, please pay your respects while you are here.

"You were good son, real good, maybe even the best" - Rick May/Soldier.

Credit for TF2 Merc Lineup goes to VALVe

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