FNF Icons in Boy.XML (Boyfriend) Club

Beep skdoo bep doo boop bap!

"T.XML FNF Icon"

For everyone who doesn't know about Blanky, their one of my fav OC Thats in my Mod named Blanky, They are a Genderless and is one of the Main Characters of my the Mod - vs. Blanky's Full Cast | Yeah this all i want to explain lol

Ok for some reason I came up idea where I make a icon for the stress song where toonred holds Mia and this is the icon.

Ok I had to go to a place today I was bored so I made these icons to toonred, Mia, Luigi, Matilda, and phineas.

"WereXML XML FNF Icons. Yes, this is XML Unleashed"