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Beep skdoo bep doo boop bap!
Miku & BoyFriend - Rolling Girl mod
Dramatic and Cute, strong friendship between Miku and Boyrfriend.WATCH THIS: song: MOD: ...
XML just evolved into redesign of XML
I decide to make meme for it cuz why not πŸ˜‚Credits to @kevjumbanigahigafan1

Here is my video! But it was really long because of 2 hours!

Pet Simulator X [Part 1]
Today, I played Pet Simulator X!This game is really fun plus grinding

Idk but a "fake" ost thing, for Mayne a future game, hopefully really, I don't know it will happen though lol so there's that.

Super Scuffle but normal day
Super Scuffle was really fun because yes